monday, may 5th

What with the Twilight (hello, new obsession) teaser trailer being released today, I went ahead and made some icons from it! Comment, credit, etc. Enjoy!

16 Twilight

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tuesday, december 4th

I'm on a roll now, aren't I? This post brings you some stock winter/Christmas icons, icons from the movie Angel, and various actors (Scott Porter, James McAvoy, and Alex O'Loughlin). Comment, credit, etc.

9 Stock (Winter/Christmas)
13 Angel
20 Actors (Scott Porter, James McAvoy, Alex O'Loughlin)

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friday, november 30th

Icon time, because I'm sick and bored at home! This batch brings you Michael Fassbender, Alex O'Loughlin, and a small handful of Across the Universe icons that I've been meaning to post. You know the rules. Enjoy!

And just for future reference on making icons, is there anything in particular you guys would like to see? A place to find pictures would be incredibly helpful, too!

13 Michael Fassbender
32 Alex O'Loughlin
9 Aross the Universe

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monday, october 15th

Long time, no update. Sorry it's been a while, I was just lacking inspiration I guess? Anyway, I come bearing a small variety of things. These include Across the Universe, Sweeney Todd (movie), and some stock icons that I made a while ago. Enjoy! Comment, credit, etc.

27 Across the Universe
12 Sweeney Todd (movie)
19 Stock

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saturday, april 21st

So after a very long time of not posting any icons, I went and made a ridiculously huge batch of 300 icons. Be warned, this batch is 99% nothing but the Spartan soldiers, and even then it's Stelios heavy. If I can get unlazy long enough to make another batch from this movie, I'm going to try and include other characters, haha. Also? There are spoilers in this batch for those of you who haven't seen 300, but... I doubt you'd be looking at these if you haven't. So, anyway. You know the rules -- comment, credit, etc. Go ahead and add text or whatever if you like, I don't mind.

80 300

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wednesday, january 17th

Oh, look, I finally got on that multi-fandom post! I'm so proud of myself, haha. I went on a bit of a Shakespeare kick and threw in a side of Serenity, too. You know the rules -- comment, credit, etc. Go ahead and add text or whatever if you like, I don't mind.

1-15 Shakespeare in Love
16-28 Romeo & Juliet (1997)
29-38 A Midsummer Night's Dream (1999)
39-54 Serenity

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tuesday, november 7th

So much for a multi-fandom post. Anyway, I come to you bearing Les Miserables revival icons. Some from the press preview, others that seem to be new production photos (I found them on the stage notes section of Hurrah!

7 LMR press preview
12 LMR production

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You know the rules. Comment, credit, etc. :) These can be used as bases, so go for it.

friday, october 27th

I swear one of these days I'll do a multi-fandom post of some kind, but for now you're getting some more Friday Night Lights icons out of me. Why? Because that show rocks. No, really, it does! ... FYI, these are all promo picture icons made from pics posted here & most of them are just a couple variations of the same picture.

24 Friday Night Lights

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You know the rules. Comment, credit, etc. :) These can be used as bases, so go for it.

wednesday, october 4th

I'm clearly on a Supernatural kick. Oops. What can I say? was finally back up and running after being down for a few days! Cut me some slack! ;)

09 SPN (1x22 - Devil's Trap)
13 SPN (2x01 - In My Time of Dying)

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You know the rules. Comment, credit, etc. :) These can be used as bases, so go for it.

monday, october 2nd

Got bored, decided to whip out some Grey's Anatomy and Supernatural icons since I'd never made icons of either before. They're not my best, but hey! What do you expect for middle of the night crap? Ha.

10 Grey's Anatomy (3x01 & 3x02)
11 Supernatural (Season 1 - pretty Daddy Winchester centric)

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You know the rules. Comment, credit, etc. :) These can be used as bases, so go for it.

sunday, august 13th

Okay, so Friday Night Lights was on TV earlier and that totally made me have the urge to make some icons. Here's a batch from the film & from the upcoming television series.

15 FNL (movie)
12 FNL (tv)

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You know the rules. Comment, credit, etc. :)

saturday, july 29th

And here I go, rolling out some more..

33 Les Miserables

Most of these are from the 2003 closing cast, but there is a variety of casts in here, as well. Enjoy!

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You know the rules. Comment, credit, etc. :)

thursday, july 27th

Apparently I'm on an icon making spree now or something. Yay. ;)

9 The Wedding Singer (Broadway) icons from their performance at Bryant Park today.

They're different than what I've been posting the last couple of times because I finally remembered how to do the coloring I'd been doing on my icons before!

And when it's your wedding day..Collapse )

Comment, credit, blahblahblah. You know how it goes. ;) Thanks to judexseven and her sister for letting me use the pictures to make these icons!

tuesday, july 25th

16 Altar Boyz (David Josefberg's last) icons

Please forgive me for the.. lighting on some of these. I don't know how to fix the whitewash, so some didn't turn out nearly as nicely as I would have liked. :[ Sorry.

Oh, and as a warning? These are kind of Kevin Kern!Luke heavy. Ahem.

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Comment, credit, do whatever you want with them. ;)

monday, july 24th

Okay, finally have a computer that isn't a piece of crap, and I now have icon-making capabilities again. Yay! Though I'm not used to PSP10 so these... aren't that good. I need to play around with it some to figure out what I'm really doing, but for now? Here's a huge batch of The Wedding Singer (Broadway) icons. Production photos, opening night photos, and recording studio photos. 46 icons total.

20 Production
15 Opening night
11 Recording studio

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As always, they are bases, so feel free to do whatever you want with them. I really don't care. Haha.

thursday, june 1st

I meant to do this way sooner but... never got around to it. Oops. For those of you who don't have me added and/or talk to me regularly, my laptop died a couple of months ago. Well, I had no money to get a new harddrive right away, and I'm on a really crappy desktop for the time being that has no icon-making programs on it.

With that said, I'm HOPING to have my laptop back within the next couple of weeks and then I'll be back in the swing of things. Hopefully I'll get this updated with a decent batch of icons, but I don't know what of.

So here's the deal: please leave me comment with what you'd like to see here in future updates! That's all. ;)

Thank you!

wednesday, february 8th

15 The Wedding Singer (Broadway)

Comment & credit. Feel free to alter them (add text, etc).

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tuesday, january 17th

4 Short track speedskating
10 Apolo Ohno

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Please comment and credit if you're taking any. Also, if you want to change the icons at all (add text, etc.) feel free. :) Thanks.

saturday, january 7th

11 The Wedding Singer (Broadway) - Press Preview

Rings? Check. Bouquet? Check? Rice? Check.Collapse )

As always, comment & credit, plz. If you want to add text or whatever to them, feel free. :)

wednesday, december 21st

As always, icons are bases. If you want to add text to them, go ahead, just comment and let me know which ones you're taking. Also credit me. :) Thank you.

16 Brokeback Mountain

A love that will never grow old.Collapse )